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[REVIEW] DUPLAIR cleansing gel and Ceramide Lotion

24 August 2016
Let's talk about the first thing that I thought it was just an okay product but I ended up using it so often recently. Trust me, it's weird cause I'm super in love with this product but for some reason, this is perfect for those lazy days to remove my light face makeup. I just pump a generous...

[REVIEW] TOO's Smile White up Essence

9 July 2016
Beauty shoutout: I'm forever amazed by Japanese beauty products! Too's Smile White Up Essence from Japan, sold over 2 million bottles, is a solution formulated with specially developed Japanese honeysuckle and plant-derived silane extract to...

[Review] QB medicated deodorant cream

2 June 2016
  Now I can be as close as I want to my newborn...

[Review] Shiro Waki Hime, Underarm Whitening Cream

23 September 2015
"How comfortable are you with raising your hand to order your food in a restaurant, or to grab a handle in a train? I used to raise my hand half way in the air to get waiter's attention but my gesture always went unnoticed until I extend my hand fully into the air. This attracts eyeballs to my...


17 September 2015
 Today i...


2 July 2015
Stepping into the first 20's of my life. That was a quite horrifying facts. I remember that on 2009 I'm still discussing with Vicky about what skincare range to use for different age range.Basically, 20 and below will be hydration, 20-25 will be Whitening, 25-30 anti-aging and of course,...

[Review] Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Peeling Cream

23 June 2015
Some of the people (like me) only shave their armpit hair when they need, but they've neglected the fact that the products they used on their armpits and the foods they consumed might cause dark skins as well! Don't chu...

[Review] Healthy drink review: (Japan) Fine Green Smoothies

16 June 2015
I was so happy when I get to know that  fine green smoothie got add in vegetable enzyme and low calories, zero fat :p  Everyday our body need  consume 20g fiber, but we have to eat  alot of...

[Review] FINE Green Smoothie

16 June 2015
I always buy smoothie when I am running around because I found that smoothie not only filling but it is very good in detox as well. With the increasing hours of working in office, It is not easy for me to go out and get that cup of smoothie. Lucky me I found out something which is convenient...

[Review] LoveNail Design Manicure - Romantic Anniversary

15 June 2015
This is for all the girls out there (or guys, if this is your thing. not judging) who are terrible at doing their own nails (like me! Hope I'm not the only one) but yet don't feel like going to a nail parlour to get your nails done.To know how,...


12 June 2015
"One of the main things I noticed as early as Day 3 and Serving 3, was that my T-Zone was noticeably more matte and less oily than previously. This was before makeup of any kind so I know it wasn’t the effect of a foundation or setting powder."Read more here...

[Review] Nail-art: Love Nail Instant Nail Applique French Manicure (Golden Dream) + Nail File

11 June 2015
If you love nail-art like I do, then you're gonna love this. Even better if it's French Manicure, but this is French Mani with a twist! Introducing this pretty box of Love Nail from Japan. Now, the Japanese are known for their innovation so if you think this is just another nail sticker,...

[Review] LoveNail Hello Kitty - Beach

8 June 2015

[Review] LOVENAIL Set - Hello Kitty Hibiscus

4 June 2015
Ta-dang! It looks super pretty and cute on my nail. On the surface of Love Nail contains numerous invisible pores, which allow the nails to breath and made with jojoba to protect nails from yellowing. So you don't have to worry will the sticker is bad for your nail...

[Review] FINE Japan Diet Coffee

4 June 2015
 Basically, FINE Japan Diet coffee contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Beans and Dietary Fibre to help you lose weight while enjoying a cuppa coffee. Sounds simple to me! The verdict? It tastes really good, like normal coffee but with a stronger taste, maybe because...


25 May 2015
I like and will recommend this LoveNail manicure sticker is because #1. it can be done easily and just in a few minutes, #2. I do not need to wait for the nail polish to dry and also #3. a lot cheaper than the manicure in salon lah!Read more at: 

[Review] DOT FREE by Cheesie

20 April 2015
Today i’m introducing another skincare product series from Japan!The name is called “Dot Free”. I guess it’s quite direct lah, meaning for you to achieve baby-like flawless skin where not even a dot can be spotted.My latest addition in the...

[Review] Natural Makeup with CandyDoll

10 March 2015
Konnichiwa Today post is gonna be about #makeup. Do you girls prefer heavy or light makeup? I personally prefer light makeup because I knew heavy makeup only makes my looks ugly. =(  Apparently I looks much better with light makeup....

[Review] Weight Loss after CNY, ITOH Fasting Diet Basic

9 March 2015
Happy Chinese New Year! But by now I believe everyone is back to work? Well, have you been eating non stop during holidays? Now it's time to do some cleansing job. Hehe. I got this ITOH Fasting Diet Basic (15 Sachets x 25g) (100% from Japan!) a month...

[Review] Love Soap For Hygiene

6 March 2015
Sebagai seorang perempuan, pasti semua impikan tubuh badan yang bersih dan wangi kan? Macam-macam produk yang dijual kat luar sana untuk memulihkan bau badan. Cuma antara kita sedar atau tak je yang badan kita ni berbau. Cuba tanya kawan sebelah kita, ada tak diorang bau apa-apa yang kurang...

[Review] The Sleeping Beauty, Night Collagen by Fine

5 March 2015
I have been drinking collagen since I was 22. It's been more than 10 years, but it is my first time trying something called Night Collagen by FINE (Glycine + GABA + Resveratrol Skin Repair Formula).Using a comfortable night's sleep and skin repairng as a concept, Japan FINE Company...

[Review] Bigger boobs, F Cup Rich Cookies

4 March 2015
Hello peeps! Yup, it's me again! I have a long blog list to clear which means you will have plenty of articles to read! If you have not know, I was away from my blog for quite some time because I was really busy preparing my wedding day. 24 hours a day is not enough!! Hehe....

[Review] Rich F Cup Cookie

4 March 2015
Have you ever heard of "F Cup Cookies"? It is said to enhance your breast size, and it's a hot selling product in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. It has sold over 4.5 million boxes in Japan. WOW!!! Can't you believe this?!Read more...

[Review] Candy for your lips with CandyDoll

3 March 2015
Hello pretty awesome! Omg omg omg! I'm pretty excited to share these super duper cute lippies by CANDYDOLL.Everyone has their own lips product preference. Some might be obsess with lip balm, some might choose just a simple lipstick or some may be into lip...

[Review] FINE Hyaluron & Collagen

2 March 2015
Another beauty-related product review I would like to share with you all is Fine Hyaluron & Collagen!Before consuming FINE Hyaluron & Collagen, my pimples were reddish and some even getting worse. However, with only 4-5 days, the pimples recovered!See more at: 

[Review] Love Soap

2 March 2015
Hasil kajian yang telah dilakukan oleh pakar, 8 daripada 10 orang wanita didapati mengalami masalah pada alat sulit mereka termasuklah saya :( Sehingga kini saya masih tercari-cari produk yang paling efektif di pasaran bagi menyelesaikan masalah tersebut terutamanya masalah gatal-gatal pada...


18 February 2015
It’s been a long time since a make-up tutorial! The last time i blogged about Candy Doll (a lip, cheek and foundation series produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa made for gyaru make-up) was in 2011! I am sure you have seen Candy Doll series online and in SASA, and to add to their...

[Review] Beauty: F.Cup Rich Cookies (Strawberry)

12 February 2015
I'll admit, I have a tiny physique so it's no surprise that I'm always labelled as 'flat-chested' by my friends. But that's ok, I'm still awesome!! Hahahaha. I also admit that I've hoped for a fuller bust just because it can make me look better in certain clothes. This is quite a sensitive...

[Review] CandyDoll Liquid Foundation & Cheek Color Duo Blusher

11 February 2015
Konichiwa! Have you heard about CandyDoll before? It sounds cute and soooo kawai isn't it ^_^ CandyDoll is a makeup brand from Japan! Thank you to HiShop for giving me a chance to try this adorable products! Like seriously, their products packaging are cute and travel-friendly!

[Review] LOVE NAIL

6 February 2015
New nails! Guess when was the last time i had my nails done?? 2 years ago. For real! Ever since i got pregnant, i haven’t been going to the nail salon. At first it was plain laziness (pregnancy fatigue, anyone?), and after Junya was born, there simply wasn’t any...

[Review] Dieting and Better Skin! by Cheesie

19 January 2015
Beauty post! For those of you who want better skin, a healthier body, today i’m introducing two products from Japan, and they are Fine Green Smoothie, and Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Uniquinol. First let’s talk...

[Review] Yogurugen Colon Detox + F.Cup Cookie Rich by Alicia

14 August 2014
Hello friends! It's has been some time I talk about health food, thus, today I'm gonna review not one but two health food products from Japan! Both products are distributed by Cason Trading Sdn. Bhd (a distributor company of a series of premium health food and beauty products). Sometimes you...

[Review] Korea madness: L'Egere Products by Fibiee

9 August 2014
In this season, Korean products are getting so popular! everyone is raving about BB cream and CC cream. Besides all the cream, strong significant thick straight eyebrows are also very in trend. Well, today I'm going to share with you guys some tips on how to achieve the crystal clear healthy...

[Review] L'Egere and Purevivi by Carinn Tan

30 July 2014
Have you ever tried oil-based or soap-based makeup remover? For me, I don't really fancy it as I dislike the sticky oily feeling that it leaves behind. I just feel so.. unclean, especially after using soap-based removers as I'll be paranoid wondering if I've washed off all the soapy residue on...

[Review] SAEKO Bonavoce Ultra Long Mascara by Angeline

28 July 2014
SAEKO是这个牌子的名字同时也是人的名字 SAEKO是日本一名很出名的女演员除了演员还是模特儿和电影人  包装上面的也是她本人自己她对化妆也很有研究  现在目前只是出了她最注重的Eyeliner还有Mascara

[Review] Rich F CUP Cookies (Strawberry) by Carinn Tan

27 July 2014
Are you longing for a slimmer body figure with fuller breats? Want to up a few cup size without surgery? F Cup Cookie is your answer! F Cup Cookie is the hottest beauty supplement gaining popularity in Asia ♥ F Cup Cookies help to promote growth of mammary gland and increase the...

[Review] Daily Natural Make Up Look by Amelie

25 July 2014
In this post, I am going to share my daily make up routine. It will be super natural, no worries. I know how hard it was bearing 10kg of skin care and make up products on the face. I used to be that way for the past few years. Now, here's the time for a light makeup in just 3 simple steps...

[Review] Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner - Royal Brown by Alicia

24 July 2014
Besides a well shaped eyebrowns, the next thing to make yourself not to look zombie-like even if you have just few hours of sleep is draw an eyeliner. It will instantly lift your eyes up and give you the energetic look. I was...

[Review] Japan madness: Bonavoce Premium Liquid Eyeliner & Purevivi Cleansing Lotion

24 July 2014
Im always a fan of Japan products because of the quality. It can be really pricey for some products but rest assured, the quality of the product is always top-notch! Lets put this eyeliner from Japan into a test! eyeliner is one of my essential tool as well, so Im very particular for...

[Review] Rich F Cup Cookies & Yogurugen Colon Detox drinks by Angeline

23 July 2014
要介绍你们最近我7月份喜欢的产品 我相信你们会跟我一样也很感兴趣 太平公主又有的救了 我将要介绍的产品我相信你们也有看过 但是就有很多问号到底这些产品有没有效果呢  就让我来跟你们分享我服用后的效果和感想

[Review] BONAVOCE Premium Liquid Eyeliner (Extra Black) by Carolyn Tay

22 July 2014
Ohayo ♥ I know I have been reviewing too many liquid eyeliners in this few months but this eyeliner deserves a review! I finally got my hands on a rare Japanese product which is the Premium Liquid Eyeliner in Extra Black. I've always wanted to get it and HiShop finally bought them...

[Review] Candy Doll Lip gloss (Cotton Candy, Macaron Pink, Strawberry Milk Gelato Gritter) by ChubbyCheekx

6 May 2014
(Edited version of my Dolly Wink Lipgloss review)Today I am going to review some (half) sponsored products by TokyoNinki! ^^ Dolly Wink's lipglosses^^

[Review] GEO Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Sky Blue by ChubbyCheekx

14 January 2014
Hello! I have been very busy with work so I didn't had much time to update my blog. Have you noticed something new on my blog? There is a new tab called YUMEI? Shop ^^ You can find...

[Review] GEO Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses - Earth Brown by ChubbyCheekx

12 November 2013
Hey Beauties, Have you noticed how much I love to review eye makeup related products? hihi I love everything that makes my eyes pretty! Yay, I am back to review another pair of lenses that I have...

[Review] Lazy Day Face Routine with Candy Doll by Chloe ash

11 September 2013
If you’ve been to Sasa, you would have seen Candy Doll products. I’m not too keen on their lip products which I find are too light and pasty for me, but I have been enjoying their concealer and mineral face powder. The concealer doesn’t dry out my skin, and the powder...

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