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[Review] Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Peeling Cream

Some of the people (like me) only shave their armpit hair when they need, but they've neglected the fact that the products they used on their armpits and the foods they consumed might cause dark skins as well! Don't chu think that it's very disgusting and embarrassing to let...

[Review] Healthy drink review: (Japan) Fine Green Smoothies

I was so happy when I get to know that  fine green smoothie got add in vegetable enzyme and low calories, zero fat :p  Everyday our body need  consume 20g fiber, but we have to eat  alot of apples or vegetables in order  hit this target . Thus, green smoothie can be a...

[Review] FINE Green Smoothie

I always buy smoothie when I am running around because I found that smoothie not only filling but it is very good in detox as well. With the increasing hours of working in office, It is not easy for me to go out and get that cup of smoothie. Lucky me I found out something which is convenient and...

[Review] LoveNail Design Manicure - Romantic Anniversary

This is for all the girls out there (or guys, if this is your thing. not judging) who are terrible at doing their own nails (like me! Hope I'm not the only one) but yet don't feel like going to a nail parlour to get your nails done. To know how, click Mandy.


"One of the main things I noticed as early as Day 3 and Serving 3, was that my T-Zone was noticeably more matte and less oily than previously. This was before makeup of any kind so I know it wasn’t the effect of a foundation or setting powder." Read more here...

[Review] Nail-art: Love Nail Instant Nail Applique French Manicure (Golden Dream) + Nail File

If you love nail-art like I do, then you're gonna love this. Even better if it's French Manicure, but this is French Mani with a twist! Introducing this pretty box of Love Nail from Japan. Now, the Japanese are known for their innovation so if you think this is just another nail sticker, you...

[Review] LoveNail Hello Kitty - Beach

颜色很漂亮也很有质感 不是sticker类是真的指甲油的质地 很方便也很漂亮 很适合很懒惰出门给人家弄美甲的女生 全文请游览:

[Review] LOVENAIL Set - Hello Kitty Hibiscus

Ta-dang! It looks super pretty and cute on my nail. On the surface of Love Nail contains numerous invisible pores, which allow the nails to breath and made with jojoba to protect nails from yellowing. So you don't have to worry will the sticker is bad for your nail or will it weaken...

[Review] FINE Japan Diet Coffee

 Basically, FINE Japan Diet coffee contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Beans and Dietary Fibre to help you lose weight while enjoying a cuppa coffee. Sounds simple to me!  The verdict? It tastes really good, like normal coffee but with a stronger taste, maybe because I...

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