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It’s been a long time since a make-up tutorial! The last time i blogged about Candy Doll (a lip, cheek and foundation series produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa made for gyaru make-up) was in 2011! I am sure you have seen Candy Doll series online and in SASA, and to add to their latest...

[Review] Beauty: F.Cup Rich Cookies (Strawberry)

I'll admit, I have a tiny physique so it's no surprise that I'm always labelled as 'flat-chested' by my friends. But that's ok, I'm still awesome!! Hahahaha. I also admit that I've hoped for a fuller bust just because it can make me look better in certain clothes. This is quite a sensitive topic...

[Review] CandyDoll Liquid Foundation & Cheek Color Duo Blusher

Konichiwa! Have you heard about CandyDoll before? It sounds cute and soooo kawai isn't it ^_^ CandyDoll is a makeup brand from Japan! Thank you to HiShop for giving me a chance to try this adorable products! Like seriously, their products packaging are cute and travel-friendly!

[Review] LOVE NAIL

New nails! Guess when was the last time i had my nails done?? 2 years ago. For real! Ever since i got pregnant, i haven’t been going to the nail salon. At first it was plain laziness (pregnancy fatigue, anyone?), and after Junya was born, there simply wasn’t any time. Sit at a nail...

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