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[Review] Dieting and Better Skin! by Cheesie

Beauty post!

For those of you who want better skin, a healthier body, today i’m introducing two products from Japan, and they are Fine Green Smoothie, and Fine Premium Hyaluron & Collagen + Uniquinol.

First let’s talk about Fine Green Morning Smoothie.

Anyone of you are having dilemma on dieting? Somebody in my house is. The danna gained 5kg since he stopped exercising (too busy with work) and has been bugging me to cook him healthy meals and bento.

I now make him a glass of smoothie every morning, and a light bento for him to bring to work. Instead of messing up your kitchen by chopping fruits and veggies and go through the whole blender trouble (anyone here likes cleaning up a blender?), now all you need is just a glass and water. Maybe some ice cubes if you like.

4 steps only!

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